Outfits inspired by 2020 trends

Aren’t we all waiting for this lockdown to end soon well, you might have made a ton of plans already and well me too, but I think the most obvious question which remains unanswered is what should I wear??
so whenever the lockdown ends(trustingly soon) we do need to take care of ourselves but nobody said you can’t do it in style so I planned some outfits keeping in mind the 2020 trends


Let’s start with some colors which can give us a bright start.
If you already don’t know let me tell you this year colored leather will rock I mean it looks so aesthetic, here I paired the purple dress with a complementary color orange blazer. Blazers are such a classy piece of clothing it is a must-have these days styled it with chunky golden accessories which makes the look soo in trend and classy, don’t forget your mask I think we should style a mask as an accessory.
To sum up: colored leather is a big treat for styling and chunky golden accessories can do wonders to any look.


I think a suit pant with a vest generates so much persuasive energy. Another must-have for this year is the neutral color palette I mean just look how aesthetic and chic this turned out. To make it more attractive I added a corset belt giving it some contour, which makes the large size overcoat stylish and not bulky and square heels with straps around the pants giving it more structure, with a dainty gold necklace to give that luxurious vibe. I think the bright orange-colored and sutle brown shade gives a perfect blend of serene and chic vibe to this outfit a handy vintage black sunglasses and an ombre colored mask makes it complete.
take away: neutral and bright colors together can rock any look


this outfit shouts trendy as these trouser shorts are new in town and I think they look very graceful I paired them with a classic pair of a white shirt with a little high neck collar for a better definition to make it look more fun I added a complementary color on the coat does the turquoise overcoat giving the look a perfect frame that it requires. as I wanted it to have a classy vibe I added white knee-length boots and a white headband which is making its way back into vogue and a bright sling bag to complete it.
Take away: headbands are back, trouser shorts are a new trend


One should never underestimate the power of an oversized blazer it can be worn in so many ways. It is super versatile and stylish, here I have picked a hot pink blazer with a green belt around the waist-defining the body, the white skirt makes them look more approachable and a perfect party or a date look with this I picked split complementary color of green and added them into this outfit, thus added orange on the bag and sunglasses making it pop out. I love how the belt and heels match together and make it stand out.
to take back: bright colored accessories, play with colors but with a few rules in mind I have already made a blog for it-


I think this look is simple yet super trendy. I love the combination of denim oversized shirt and leathered pants, this look can be worn in soo many diverse ways it is a very go-to look, it can become fierce or elegant or serene just by changing the accessories. I have styled it with heels and soft clutch and sunglasses all black making it a detailed look that can be worn on a conventional day too.
Take back: leather and denim is a big statement, soft clutches.

Got the inspiration from Milan fashion week2020

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