I think we should openly talk about our fears everyone has them I also have a few I have heard the only way one can overcome their fears is by facing them so I opened my wardrobe and made my mind to fight my fear or fashion fear of wearing pattern on pattern because you can go wrong so easily with it but I faced them with all efforts, I did some research and ended up learning a lot more about it and now I am like one of those guys who fell in love with the things they fear the most.

stripes on stripes

I think the easiest way to make pattern work is stripes on stripes they are so versatile and easy like here I have used verticle stripes with horizontal ones with makes them look more attractive, to bring out the subtle vibe I used monochromatic color scheme. I used bright worn tones to give it a summer vibe. another main element here is that I wore body fit clothes inside which gave me structure and the blazer on top complemented it I finished the look by adding golden accessories.

to take back: vertical and horizontal stripes are harmonious together.

here to make the same look a little popped out and more streetwear style I added this graphic tee which complemented the look and gave it more edge as the colors on the tee were in the same color palette other than that the look is the same.

to take back: graphic tees and patterns go handy for street style.

here I am wearing a jumpsuit that has the classic black and white stripes and above that, I wore this top or well a skirt as a one-shoulder top which looks pretty classy as the jumpsuit is giving contour and is body-hugging the smooth sliding lines give it an ease look, a sleek mid parting low ponytail with silver hoops and a classy watch out and out the look.

to take back: something body-hugging can be more aesthetic by adding a baggy garment on top.

the classic polka dots

polka dots is another pattern that is widely loved and thus an easy way to adapt the look. here, I again played with colors so here my pants had the same taffy colored motifs as the color of the shirt I picked and the jaded stripes went well with the polkas thus they don’t look sundered and accompaniment each other giving out a perfect office or a meeting look or outfit for an official event I love how golden accessories are just so classy with the whole hunch.

To take back: pattern can go with another just by giving them any common link.

floral prints

floral on floral can be a bit tricky but I managed to understand it a bit so I picked out a crimson red spaghetti strap tank top with tiny florals paired with a berry blue skirt with big florals of red white and black color which builds to connect with the top making them look voguish. a floral headband will complete the look and add the remaining cuteness making it consummate and complete for a date or movies or literately anywhere you feel the cute vibe.

to take back: play with the scale and size of the prints.

another floral on floral here I picked charcoal black puffed full sleeves top with sapphire and white color florals with the skirt I used earlier the main conduct here depends on the harmony between sapphire and berry blue so here I took even bigger floral I like how the size and scale make such a fad difference in the whole look the floral I added a bright arctic blue baguette ba to give more color and protrude the look add silver jewelry or teal tassel earrings with a low pony can complete it perfectly.

to take back: if in doubt add a pop color to make it stand out.

animal print

here I tried animal print (tbh I wasn’t a big fan of it earlier)and this has to be my favorite look. the colors are so blended and monochromatic in nature the skirt is entirely printed which makes the top look extravagant and neat, the red stripe on the side has very small polkas which look very edgy and to make it more poped out I added the same scarlet blazer with stripes and I had to add golden jewelry with this and it turned out pretty voguish.

to take back: if the bottom is loaded with prints try to be less on top to make it classy and precise.

So here is my sum up on how to wear pattern on pattern with few garments and at most aesthetics and diversity.

i am still exploring more in it and surely the list can really never end…..

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