BLACK AND WHITE OUTFITS -the classic combination

are you also kind of a person who just gets obsessed with a color and love everything in it well, me too I color coordinated my wardrobe while cleaning it after 100000yrs of procrastination i realized that there was a time when I was obsessed with black and thus ended up with a lot of different types of couture in black and white is my all-time fav and I have realized one thing that so many people including me love the black and white combination so I picked up these two from the neutral palette and started with few of my favorite pieces


so here I just picked up a white off-shoulder top and above that, I added a strapless corset sequin top to give the required fun and shape to the outfit which will make the puffed sleeves standout with this I added pleated palazzo pants for more volume which makes the outfit look structured and balanced. I paired it up with square-shaped heals which are trendy and edgy suiting perfectly to the look . Silver hoops to bring that shine and make the neck look attractive which makes it perfect for any formal party or a date or any vibe which speaks I party with class


I had to include kurtas to the party, here I allay the axiom rule that kurtas can be worn only as traditional wear so I took out this porcelain white kurta, knotted the front cut and let the other one as it fell I added these jade black sequin shorts to give it the scintillating vibe and this makes them look more balanced and still protruding to make it perfect for any party I added this beautiful pearl choker which gives the upper waist body more shine and weight, some rings to enhance the boho chi a pair of dr martens boots to finish the look with brazen and elegance at the same time.


I think a white tee with cool embroidery or graphics can go a long way the tee has sequin embroidery on it which looks edgy, to transmute this I added a cute raven black colored skirt and white riding boots to give the edge and yet look cute to add more glamour I added this cloud black shimmery mandarin collar jacket high ponytail with big silver hoop earrings and some rings. it’s perfect for anywhere which speaks cute yet strong to you I recently wore this to go to my living room for board games night (quarantine diaries)


another one with a kurta I think it’s so alluring that that comfort can meet style in so many easy ways I mean having to wear tight body-hugging clothes aren’t in the practice so here I used the same kurta I just let it be free and added the skirt on top of the long Kurti which leaves a border beneath it making it look stylish yet very easy breezy with some silver accessories and chic shoes its complete


missing the work look? here is what you’ll love to wear even for work from home although you can totally replace the pants with shorts, in this case, I think I am obsessed with this kurta, so here I added a multi-talented skirt as a strapless top above my kurta and added some jewelry to enhance the look and make it look more classy and not boring and when you’ll step out (only when its safe)use some square heels which complete the look perfectly.

I hope these bring out the fashion love more alive in you and you finally change that PJs just like how I tried to.

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