comfortable yet chic outfits:quarantine journal

I have been lazy this whole week and the productivity was zero so I had to do something about it. I stood up and got dressed but obviously, it had to be the most comfortable so I could do everything with ease and yet be motivated this is how I produced the idea of this blog lately everyone has been feeling the same because everything is so monotonous and the best part about this is that we can so easily get out in these outfits and be as comfortable as home so the heat is also less disturbing.

I noted a few points that can help us get the perfect easy and comfortable looks and if stepping out don’t forget to put on the perfect shoes with the look.

colors play a key role in changing the mood of anyone, generally bright colors have a cheerful impact and they are also perfect to face the sun . I think prints can make every look more effortful and it’s perfect to take you out from a sluggish to a productive mood in a snap.

I love how these are so flowy and stylish at the same time the best catch here is how the little effort can make so much effect on the look ,the mood and the vibe.

The floral on floral pattern is giving such a positive and cozy vibe its perfect for being productive even on a rainy day.

This one fits for every occasion be it a day at home trying to be creative or attending the meeting or going out.

Don’t we all love the loose T-shirt , those loose shorts, the breezy dresses way too much in this summer season but they are way too comfortable so we end up taking a nap rather than working so to reciprocate the effect and to keep the same oversized clothes close to my heart, I try to match the colors and the patterns. Also always tug in those long T-shirts in to make them more work-friendly.

This has to be my favorite. so effortlessly these lazy shorts and tee made me feel motivated just by matching the patterns and tugging in the top it’s as easy as it looks.

A loose pant and a loose top can look bonny by just adding a knot on the shirt giving the waist a structure and delightful.

A breezy pinafore with a contrasting tee is all it takes to make a chic comfortable outfit.

I can’t put enough emphasis on how comfortable a simple cotton kurta can be so before you reject wearing them think twice coz kurtas can be worn in so many chic yet very comfortable ways.

This is so simple yet stylish attire, half tug was all it needed to be given structure.

I love how tasteful and elegant this one is I added a fold and a knot to the kurta with a silk dress beneath which makes it ready for a house party.

I believe in this famous quote ” fake it till you make it” so here I dress as if I am about to create something extravagant, all it takes is a little effort to be motivated again .This was my way to heighten my productivity.

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