Pinterest picks: basic ways to style men’s jewelry

Men’s jewelry a very rare term, it’s not used and I have a problem with it. How can ignore the versatility of this amazing piece of art? I think if styled well a man can look incredibly classic in jewelry, may it be Indian ethnic or western a piece of jewelry should attract both men or women I think when someone puts jewelry especially men it gives a portrait of someone who likes to put that extra effort into their style and it’s super classy but there is big chance to go wrong so here are my favorite ways to style men with some jewelry. Before you go shopping for some jewels go ahead and figure out your style you wanna start easy?? or wanna dive all in it at once?? or you are okay with your usuals?

level -1 when you are going for a minimalistic look

adding even a single piece of a thick chain can give an amazing impact on the outfit imagine this an all-black outfit with some solid light-colored overcoat and silver or golden neckpiece can turn any simple outfit into a stylish one trust me it is safe as well as stylish at the same time one or two rings will be enough to rock the whole outfit.

Add a simple chain or a pendant necklace you can even wear a bolo tie which makes it super classy with a few thick rings that can make them look distinctive and elegant with a leather jacket you can easily rock the look.

its mandatory to wear jewelry I think it’s fair to say this coz have you seen how amazing the outfit looks when you wear something ethnic and add the jewelry with it. The jewelry elevates the look so much I think its high time we all agree that ethnic is incomplete without some pearl and stone jewelry

level-2 when you wanna add some fun to the look

for this look, we can experiment a bit more by having 2-3 thick chains and to balance out this add a single thin chain or pendent necklace and again remember not to chunk rings on every finger a few rings are fine and look serene and classy.

Wear a thick chain with simple thin chains and 5-6 rings and add a bracelet on the emptier hand if you want to keep the look edgy wear solid colors preferably blue, wine, rasin, umber, charcoal, blacks or whites mostly dark ones and if you wanna make it look more playful add prints patterns light and dark color combinations.

level-3 extra af

use jewelry your heart out I think I’ll leave it to you to analyze how much is too much if you feel like wearing a simple chain and feel extra go for it if adding 10 chunky jewelry is your love then go for it it’s your way to define what you like and what is good for you.

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