Punk Fashion-about, styling and more

Playing dress-up begins at 5 and never truly ends”. -Kate Spade.

playing dress-up has always been my favorite way to express myself. Recently I was going through some crazy fashion blogs and photos of the 70s ad 80s, it struck me there are so many ancient cultures that portray themselves through fashion so boldly and in a fun way. I decided to try them too in my way.
if we talk about fashion through subcultures the most iconic has to be the Punk culture

What is punk fashion?

The punk subculture is a movement that started in the mid-70s it portrays a type of ideologies and various expressionist expresses aggressiveness, individualism, and freedom they have tattoos that usually portray a socio-political message and they used to buy their clothes from second-hand shops, to show revolution against the consumerist statement. wearing lots and lots of accessories be it pierced or any kind. The main motive was to say that we don’t care about high-end fashion. The freedom to do whatever makes them happy. They would take any kind of jewelry or garment they didn’t care whether it was torn or a thousand-year-old, they would tie their clothes with safety pins and tapes. They would put makeup on even men bold, big eyeliners, spiked hairs nothing in a designated form and that’s how the punk was invented.

Although it has become more about the aesthetics of the fashion rather than the movement In the United Kingdom, 1970s punk fashion influenced the designs one of the most outrageous VIVIENNE WESTWOOD Her clothes often celebrated taboos and often depend on the shush topics. Her collection has always shocked everyone.

Even in today’s fashion punk plays a very vital influence. Brands like Collina Strada, Matty Bovan, and Area are toying with the ’70s punk notions of anti-conformity, sexuality, and political activism in a more modern approach. The punk style never really left but is again getting cherished and welcomed by many.

We tried to communicate punk style in our unique casual ways keeping in mind a few bullet points like the use of black and red color dark lipsticks jewelry, colorful hairs, safety pins, vintage tees, fishnet tights, the most important point a vibe to not care about anything.

This outfit includes a classic vintage T-shirt with aesthetic print with a flowy skirt to provide this edgy look a free-flowing vibe, some jewelry to give the all-black look some highlight added a pair of rough dr. martens boots finishing off with smoky eyes thick eyeliner and dark ombre colored lipstick.

This one is styled with the classic berry red polka dots black skirt with red top to create a contrasting look of black and red with dramatic makeup furthermore fishnet tights and high heels boots.

This one is a classic because of the check print which is back in style and how? And we are totally up for it. I love how it portrays drama and class at the same time.

This one is our favorite, a stylish black and white combination to uplift the punk style, here I added a high neck sweater beneath to make it look classy and refined. Adding accessories is a must in punk so I added some chains and belts.

As red is another popular color in the punk culture we created a monochromatic look with it but again a little differently. This chic top is combined with street style joggers to provide a bold edgy feel to it.

This is a casual approach towards punk style again with high neck and loose vintage tee and high waist shorts completing the look with some chains and high heel boots.

This is how I interpreted the punk culture in a very casual, classic form.

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