The Relationship between Fashion Magazines and Feminism

Today fashion magazine is all about glamour, opinions, advertisements, striving for the right voices and often controversial or just call it a popular source of entertainment.

To know about them in a brief here’s a glance at how it all started.
They started in the 1800s and focused on business, politics, as many women weren’t educated the widespread audience or consumers of these magazines were high-class society males, as the production of these magazines was expensive and only a few could afford it. These pages were handwritten, illustrations and paintings were used to express the visuals.

Well, we all have heard that France is a fashion capital and another reason to call it that is it’s the birthplace of the evolutionary title “fashion magazine”. It started by talking and creating illustrations about what the royal family was wearing, which will help the trend to rouse, the designers around starts building similar designs and all the fashion enthusiasts would embrace in their closet. This started to build higher and higher. With this the stereotypical image of women looking all pretty as a housekeeper, through the eyes of the male panorama, which led to a very taper perception of female fashion. The industry started looking towards women as a market rather than who they were. The magazines started portraying a typical type of woman with some unrealistic features and women started to believe and entered the market to look like her.

The magazine started saying “hey you know what’ll make you look pretty?” well, I wonder how the world would have shaped if we had written, “Heyy you know you are pretty and perfect in your way and our fashion will celebrate that”. Or they could say shave or not to shave? IT’S ALL YOUR CHOICE. The articles could be here’s how you can learn to love yourself and embrace that whatever shape body you have. Here’s a great blog that talks about something similar, also a great read.

But let’s look at the glass half full, the optimistic side, we are finally ready to understand and appreciate how fashion is not a definition of gender rather is a choice of expression, makeup is for everyone who loves it, bodies are of a million types and we can not divide them into 5 or 7 categories.
Magazines are today promoting the same and we are rooting for it. It’s recently that I discovered these magazines and I AM ALL FOR IT.


A powerful and insightful magazine that talks about things that matter. It can and does make a difference. It started back in 2004. It’s a perfect replacement for those toxic magazines that create myths and makes us feel timid. It’s for the women who are bold, fearless, and does the right thing for themselves and men who support them and are here to learn more. Each issue of Shameless delights and encourages with profiles of amazing women, who start a conversation about things that should have started way earlier like women’s health, sexuality, and much more.


Another fabulous example of a feminist magazine. It has a very diverse approach towards things that is sensitive and requires discussion. In a world where people are still figuring out the depth and strength of feminism and activism, they talk about its importance and how feminism is more significant than you think. The study of pop culture and acknowledging how women were portrayed how men want to see them. Celebrating women who take a stand and make a difference. They are here to say that feminism is as essential as any other social justice movement.


A magazine that shouts I am proud to be a woman. It started in 1993. A feminist lifestyle brand which delivers podcasts, events, website, magazine. It promotes women’s real interest and not through the eyes of males. The keen topic the magazine interacts with is fashion, music, art, sex, news, and more. They embrace everything that a woman is supposed to love and simply love.


This magazine is a perfect blend of aesthetic, authentic, and reliable material. It is an advertising-free magazine that operates only on the subscription made by the audience, so one thing is explicit that the perspective of this magazine is not to sell but to acquaint and generate a platform for various types of artists like authors, journalists, etc. They focus on nature, creativity, philosophy, and all about how to live and attain a gratifying life. It’s a truly honest magazine that portrays things as they are with respect and honor. The cover of the magazine has a story to tell of its own.

Magazines can be so influential and they had a vast impact on teens who were trying to find answers but often they ended up being insecure and with more questions but now that we have these wondrous sources it’s better to mesh with these.

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