Pinterest picks: basic ways to style men’s jewelry

Men’s jewelry a very rare term, it’s not used and I have a problem with it. How can ignore the versatility of this amazing piece of art? I think if styled well a man can look incredibly classic in jewelry, may it be Indian ethnic or western a piece of jewelry should attract both men or women I think when someone puts jewelry especially men it gives a portrait of someone who likes to put that extra effort into their style and it’s super classy but there is big chance to go wrong so here are my favorite ways to style men with some jewelry. Before you go shopping for some jewels go ahead and figure out your style you wanna start easy?? or wanna dive all in it at once?? or you are okay with your usuals?

level -1 when you are going for a minimalistic look

adding even a single piece of a thick chain can give an amazing impact on the outfit imagine this an all-black outfit with some solid light-colored overcoat and silver or golden neckpiece can turn any simple outfit into a stylish one trust me it is safe as well as stylish at the same time one or two rings will be enough to rock the whole outfit.

Add a simple chain or a pendant necklace you can even wear a bolo tie which makes it super classy with a few thick rings that can make them look distinctive and elegant with a leather jacket you can easily rock the look.

its mandatory to wear jewelry I think it’s fair to say this coz have you seen how amazing the outfit looks when you wear something ethnic and add the jewelry with it. The jewelry elevates the look so much I think its high time we all agree that ethnic is incomplete without some pearl and stone jewelry

level-2 when you wanna add some fun to the look

for this look, we can experiment a bit more by having 2-3 thick chains and to balance out this add a single thin chain or pendent necklace and again remember not to chunk rings on every finger a few rings are fine and look serene and classy.

Wear a thick chain with simple thin chains and 5-6 rings and add a bracelet on the emptier hand if you want to keep the look edgy wear solid colors preferably blue, wine, rasin, umber, charcoal, blacks or whites mostly dark ones and if you wanna make it look more playful add prints patterns light and dark color combinations.

level-3 extra af

use jewelry your heart out I think I’ll leave it to you to analyze how much is too much if you feel like wearing a simple chain and feel extra go for it if adding 10 chunky jewelry is your love then go for it it’s your way to define what you like and what is good for you.


comfortable yet chic outfits:quarantine journal

I have been lazy this whole week and the productivity was zero so I had to do something about it. I stood up and got dressed but obviously, it had to be the most comfortable so I could do everything with ease and yet be motivated this is how I produced the idea of this blog lately everyone has been feeling the same because everything is so monotonous and the best part about this is that we can so easily get out in these outfits and be as comfortable as home so the heat is also less disturbing.

I noted a few points that can help us get the perfect easy and comfortable looks and if stepping out don’t forget to put on the perfect shoes with the look.

colors play a key role in changing the mood of anyone, generally bright colors have a cheerful impact and they are also perfect to face the sun . I think prints can make every look more effortful and it’s perfect to take you out from a sluggish to a productive mood in a snap.

I love how these are so flowy and stylish at the same time the best catch here is how the little effort can make so much effect on the look ,the mood and the vibe.

The floral on floral pattern is giving such a positive and cozy vibe its perfect for being productive even on a rainy day.

This one fits for every occasion be it a day at home trying to be creative or attending the meeting or going out.

Don’t we all love the loose T-shirt , those loose shorts, the breezy dresses way too much in this summer season but they are way too comfortable so we end up taking a nap rather than working so to reciprocate the effect and to keep the same oversized clothes close to my heart, I try to match the colors and the patterns. Also always tug in those long T-shirts in to make them more work-friendly.

This has to be my favorite. so effortlessly these lazy shorts and tee made me feel motivated just by matching the patterns and tugging in the top it’s as easy as it looks.

A loose pant and a loose top can look bonny by just adding a knot on the shirt giving the waist a structure and delightful.

A breezy pinafore with a contrasting tee is all it takes to make a chic comfortable outfit.

I can’t put enough emphasis on how comfortable a simple cotton kurta can be so before you reject wearing them think twice coz kurtas can be worn in so many chic yet very comfortable ways.

This is so simple yet stylish attire, half tug was all it needed to be given structure.

I love how tasteful and elegant this one is I added a fold and a knot to the kurta with a silk dress beneath which makes it ready for a house party.

I believe in this famous quote ” fake it till you make it” so here I dress as if I am about to create something extravagant, all it takes is a little effort to be motivated again .This was my way to heighten my productivity.


BLACK AND WHITE OUTFITS -the classic combination

are you also kind of a person who just gets obsessed with a color and love everything in it well, me too I color coordinated my wardrobe while cleaning it after 100000yrs of procrastination i realized that there was a time when I was obsessed with black and thus ended up with a lot of different types of couture in black and white is my all-time fav and I have realized one thing that so many people including me love the black and white combination so I picked up these two from the neutral palette and started with few of my favorite pieces


so here I just picked up a white off-shoulder top and above that, I added a strapless corset sequin top to give the required fun and shape to the outfit which will make the puffed sleeves standout with this I added pleated palazzo pants for more volume which makes the outfit look structured and balanced. I paired it up with square-shaped heals which are trendy and edgy suiting perfectly to the look . Silver hoops to bring that shine and make the neck look attractive which makes it perfect for any formal party or a date or any vibe which speaks I party with class


I had to include kurtas to the party, here I allay the axiom rule that kurtas can be worn only as traditional wear so I took out this porcelain white kurta, knotted the front cut and let the other one as it fell I added these jade black sequin shorts to give it the scintillating vibe and this makes them look more balanced and still protruding to make it perfect for any party I added this beautiful pearl choker which gives the upper waist body more shine and weight, some rings to enhance the boho chi a pair of dr martens boots to finish the look with brazen and elegance at the same time.


I think a white tee with cool embroidery or graphics can go a long way the tee has sequin embroidery on it which looks edgy, to transmute this I added a cute raven black colored skirt and white riding boots to give the edge and yet look cute to add more glamour I added this cloud black shimmery mandarin collar jacket high ponytail with big silver hoop earrings and some rings. it’s perfect for anywhere which speaks cute yet strong to you I recently wore this to go to my living room for board games night (quarantine diaries)


another one with a kurta I think it’s so alluring that that comfort can meet style in so many easy ways I mean having to wear tight body-hugging clothes aren’t in the practice so here I used the same kurta I just let it be free and added the skirt on top of the long Kurti which leaves a border beneath it making it look stylish yet very easy breezy with some silver accessories and chic shoes its complete


missing the work look? here is what you’ll love to wear even for work from home although you can totally replace the pants with shorts, in this case, I think I am obsessed with this kurta, so here I added a multi-talented skirt as a strapless top above my kurta and added some jewelry to enhance the look and make it look more classy and not boring and when you’ll step out (only when its safe)use some square heels which complete the look perfectly.

I hope these bring out the fashion love more alive in you and you finally change that PJs just like how I tried to.



I think we should openly talk about our fears everyone has them I also have a few I have heard the only way one can overcome their fears is by facing them so I opened my wardrobe and made my mind to fight my fear or fashion fear of wearing pattern on pattern because you can go wrong so easily with it but I faced them with all efforts, I did some research and ended up learning a lot more about it and now I am like one of those guys who fell in love with the things they fear the most.

stripes on stripes

I think the easiest way to make pattern work is stripes on stripes they are so versatile and easy like here I have used verticle stripes with horizontal ones with makes them look more attractive, to bring out the subtle vibe I used monochromatic color scheme. I used bright worn tones to give it a summer vibe. another main element here is that I wore body fit clothes inside which gave me structure and the blazer on top complemented it I finished the look by adding golden accessories.

to take back: vertical and horizontal stripes are harmonious together.

here to make the same look a little popped out and more streetwear style I added this graphic tee which complemented the look and gave it more edge as the colors on the tee were in the same color palette other than that the look is the same.

to take back: graphic tees and patterns go handy for street style.

here I am wearing a jumpsuit that has the classic black and white stripes and above that, I wore this top or well a skirt as a one-shoulder top which looks pretty classy as the jumpsuit is giving contour and is body-hugging the smooth sliding lines give it an ease look, a sleek mid parting low ponytail with silver hoops and a classy watch out and out the look.

to take back: something body-hugging can be more aesthetic by adding a baggy garment on top.

the classic polka dots

polka dots is another pattern that is widely loved and thus an easy way to adapt the look. here, I again played with colors so here my pants had the same taffy colored motifs as the color of the shirt I picked and the jaded stripes went well with the polkas thus they don’t look sundered and accompaniment each other giving out a perfect office or a meeting look or outfit for an official event I love how golden accessories are just so classy with the whole hunch.

To take back: pattern can go with another just by giving them any common link.

floral prints

floral on floral can be a bit tricky but I managed to understand it a bit so I picked out a crimson red spaghetti strap tank top with tiny florals paired with a berry blue skirt with big florals of red white and black color which builds to connect with the top making them look voguish. a floral headband will complete the look and add the remaining cuteness making it consummate and complete for a date or movies or literately anywhere you feel the cute vibe.

to take back: play with the scale and size of the prints.

another floral on floral here I picked charcoal black puffed full sleeves top with sapphire and white color florals with the skirt I used earlier the main conduct here depends on the harmony between sapphire and berry blue so here I took even bigger floral I like how the size and scale make such a fad difference in the whole look the floral I added a bright arctic blue baguette ba to give more color and protrude the look add silver jewelry or teal tassel earrings with a low pony can complete it perfectly.

to take back: if in doubt add a pop color to make it stand out.

animal print

here I tried animal print (tbh I wasn’t a big fan of it earlier)and this has to be my favorite look. the colors are so blended and monochromatic in nature the skirt is entirely printed which makes the top look extravagant and neat, the red stripe on the side has very small polkas which look very edgy and to make it more poped out I added the same scarlet blazer with stripes and I had to add golden jewelry with this and it turned out pretty voguish.

to take back: if the bottom is loaded with prints try to be less on top to make it classy and precise.

So here is my sum up on how to wear pattern on pattern with few garments and at most aesthetics and diversity.

i am still exploring more in it and surely the list can really never end…..


Outfits inspired by 2020 trends

Aren’t we all waiting for this lockdown to end soon well, you might have made a ton of plans already and well me too, but I think the most obvious question which remains unanswered is what should I wear??
so whenever the lockdown ends(trustingly soon) we do need to take care of ourselves but nobody said you can’t do it in style so I planned some outfits keeping in mind the 2020 trends


Let’s start with some colors which can give us a bright start.
If you already don’t know let me tell you this year colored leather will rock I mean it looks so aesthetic, here I paired the purple dress with a complementary color orange blazer. Blazers are such a classy piece of clothing it is a must-have these days styled it with chunky golden accessories which makes the look soo in trend and classy, don’t forget your mask I think we should style a mask as an accessory.
To sum up: colored leather is a big treat for styling and chunky golden accessories can do wonders to any look.


I think a suit pant with a vest generates so much persuasive energy. Another must-have for this year is the neutral color palette I mean just look how aesthetic and chic this turned out. To make it more attractive I added a corset belt giving it some contour, which makes the large size overcoat stylish and not bulky and square heels with straps around the pants giving it more structure, with a dainty gold necklace to give that luxurious vibe. I think the bright orange-colored and sutle brown shade gives a perfect blend of serene and chic vibe to this outfit a handy vintage black sunglasses and an ombre colored mask makes it complete.
take away: neutral and bright colors together can rock any look


this outfit shouts trendy as these trouser shorts are new in town and I think they look very graceful I paired them with a classic pair of a white shirt with a little high neck collar for a better definition to make it look more fun I added a complementary color on the coat does the turquoise overcoat giving the look a perfect frame that it requires. as I wanted it to have a classy vibe I added white knee-length boots and a white headband which is making its way back into vogue and a bright sling bag to complete it.
Take away: headbands are back, trouser shorts are a new trend


One should never underestimate the power of an oversized blazer it can be worn in so many ways. It is super versatile and stylish, here I have picked a hot pink blazer with a green belt around the waist-defining the body, the white skirt makes them look more approachable and a perfect party or a date look with this I picked split complementary color of green and added them into this outfit, thus added orange on the bag and sunglasses making it pop out. I love how the belt and heels match together and make it stand out.
to take back: bright colored accessories, play with colors but with a few rules in mind I have already made a blog for it-


I think this look is simple yet super trendy. I love the combination of denim oversized shirt and leathered pants, this look can be worn in soo many diverse ways it is a very go-to look, it can become fierce or elegant or serene just by changing the accessories. I have styled it with heels and soft clutch and sunglasses all black making it a detailed look that can be worn on a conventional day too.
Take back: leather and denim is a big statement, soft clutches.

Got the inspiration from Milan fashion week2020



A pile of clothes and still have nothing to wear??You can have all the clothes in the world but if you don’t know how to pair them you can end up saying these five horrible words” i have nothing to wear”or you can style them like a stylist .
we all love colors but we also fear pairing them because no one wants to end up looking like a clown.

I have studied color wheel and if we really apply its concept we can never go wrong with colors and it will make any outfit to look pleasant , in vogue and glamorous . This will also provide us with a lot more options to choose our outfit from.



The first one in the list is complementary scheme which stands opposite to each other on the color wheel like blue and orange,yellow and purple, red and green etc.


It is created by using only one color in an outfit ,we can ALWAYS feel free to add some shades,tones and tints to make it more interesting .


Have you ever wondered why someone wears different colored outfit and carries different colored bag or any hair accessory?? well I did and i found out that it is actually a color scheme and not a lazy stylist or someone making a statement.

This color scheme contains a hue and two hues adjacent to its complementary for example blue – red and orange as explained in the image below.


This scheme use only three consecutive hues or its tints or tones or shades, which means any three colors which are next to each other can be paired together for a sophisticated look.

this is a vast topic but i have put out the ones which i think is the most helpful.
so from now you will surely not fear combining different colors together in an outfit and wearing neutral colors as an excuse will be avoided in near future.

I hope you liked my blog .


The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

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